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introducing a series of pay site reviews, we are going to start out by presenting a review of WhippedWomen.com

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Not really a surprise, WhippedWomen focuses solely on one topic: whipped women.
Being more than 9 years in business, the site is one of the leading institutions, when it comes to BDSM style whippings.

WhippedWomen has several key features, which distinguish it from it’s competitors. Let’s have a closer look:


whipped women 092 e1319061292768 Whipped WomenThe models are well chosen. They are young, cute, sexy, they really have everything you could ask for. This is whipped women 072 e1319060725330 Whipped Womencertainly not standard in BDSM business. You see a lot of crappy girls on other sites. Probably because it’s not too easy to get such classy models engaged for a severe whipping, with bruises, welts and what not. But Whipped Women gets the trick done every single week!
Often we had the impression, that the models indulged the punishment, but that’s just our opinion.


whipped women 052 e1319060801213 Whipped WomenOver the years the site developed it’s own standards. First, there are no fakes. Welts are welts, streaks are streaks, bruises are bruises – no painting, no tricks, no fakes. They do an honest work!

Second, they do focus on hard whipping, punishment, caning, some bondage. But no more. whipped women 032 e1319060868758 Whipped WomenThere is no further sexual interaction, like you might see it on other sites. Just severe whippings in quality movies and pictures. They do what they do best and their shootings never merge into a cheap porn. They can do without that!

Also they do a pretty good job by telling a story, in every single whipping scene. No senseless violence, there is always a story to be told.

Needless to say that the content is 100% unique. All productions are self made by either WhippedWomen or by it’s sister site Paingate.


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To add even more of a unique whippedwomen-feeling, they pick their shooting locations very well. They had settings in old castles, dungeons, prisons, hospitals, but also in amazing landscapes, like a Mediterranean environment, old country houses, farms, etc. The atmosphere of the works are unmatched.



They have constantly over 100 videos online, each of them documenting a different whipping shooting. Also you get 100+ high quality pictures on each story, which adds up to way more than 10.000 images. They are downloadable in zip-files, so you have easy whipped women 01 e1319061086151 Whipped Womenaccess even after your membership expired. There is at least one weekly update, so always fresh content coming.


The bottom line is, as long as you are looking for good and hard whipping content and not for cheap porn, WhippedWomen and it’s sister are still matchless in the worldwide web. We thought about deducting one point, because the sites design looks a bit rusty, but after all, the content is what counts and you won’t find any better:        10 points!10points Whipped Women

Oh, and here you find whipped women.

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