Bound for pussy whipping

people liked our ass whipping story, so here we are with a new one, enjoy “bound for pussy whipping”:

bound for pussy whipping 011 e1320341716773 Bound for pussy whippingSince three days I am lying in this dirty dungeon. Handcuffed and tied to an old bed. This guy, I have to call him “Master”, looks for me like every hour or so. I am his toy he said. He actually cares for me, gives me food and water brings me to the toilet, looks after my wounds. Oh, why I have wounds, you maybe asking yourself. Master is not just a master, he is a whipping master, he is calling himself a “Pussy whipping master”…

Three days ago I was a free girl. It was a sunny Saturday morning. I went for a walk with my female Jack-Russel Terrier “Gipsy”. We went to bound for pussy whipping 021 e1320341794996 Bound for pussy whippingour usual place, some fields nearby my apartment. Although it was such a nice and warm weather, I couldn’t spot any other dog owners. But this happens sometimes. After some minutes I saw a man coming my direction on the path. I looked for a dog, but didn’t see any. Probably just a promenader, I thought. When he was at my level, he stopped and asked friendly: “Young lady, could you be so kind to tell me what time it is?”…

bound for pussy whipping 031 e1320341860768 Bound for pussy whippingSomeone opens the door. The Pussy-whipping-master comes in. “Hello my little darling”, he says. “Today I bring a new toy with me, you probaly are going to love it.” He shows me some wooden rod with two small ropes bound to it’s ends. It fits perfectly into the hook that is coming down from the ceiling. Since days I ask myself what this hook is ment for. Now I know. At least I suppose I know…

“Gipsy!” I called my dog. As so often Gipsy was departing too far from me. “Oh yes Sir,bound for pussy whipping 041 e1320342018509 Bound for pussy whipping sure, we have exactly…” – suddenly he grabbed my arm turned me around and pressed some white cloth on my face. It smelled horrible, like in a pharmacy, I fainted…

bound for pussy whipping 052 e1320342113484 Bound for pussy whippingHe unties me and pushes my naked body on a table behind us. Then he ties my feet to this instrument. “I am sure we will have a lot of fun today, girl.”, he says with a sarcastic tone in his voice. He is stepping back, pulling my legs up towards the ceiling. I am in a totally defenseless position. My legs, my ass, my pussy opened for his view, opened for whatever action he wants to take.

He pulls a little bottle out of his pocket and some transparent liquid drops on my tits. “What are you doing to me?”, I scream.
“Don’t worry. I care for you. It’s just body-oil. This is good for your skin. We will have to go through some serious pain today and I don’t want you to suffer too much.”

He massages my tits with this oil. Rubs it on my stomach, my legs, my ass, my pussy.
He takes a single-tail whip and starts whipping. My legs get whipped from the bottom. I don’t even scream, the last days have made me getting used to this pain. Though there is bound for pussy whipping 151 e1320342259416 Bound for pussy whippingone part of my body he didn’t torture so far and I am afraid I am going to lose my innocence there today: my pussy.

As if he could read my thoughts, he grabs behind, gets a different flogger and says: “Today I have something very special for you. Today you are going to experience a brutal pussy whipping.” He pulled down the whip rapidly and this time I screamed…

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Ass whipping

This week we have a short illustrated ass whipping story for you. Click on the images to get to the free ass whipping gallery, enjoy…

ass whipping 151 e1319661338891 Ass whippingIt was a long hard working day. Twelve hours at the office. Nothing but trouble. But now I was driving home. My girlfriend already waited for me. Maybe she prepared some kind of surprise. At least she sounded kind of happily nervous at the phone. Like the last time when she had this tone in her voice. When I came home and she was awaiting me in this hot brand new lingerie. Stripping for me. I remember her long blond hair waving in the air when she was turning around. I love her long blond hair.

ass whipping 031 e1319661494798 Ass whippingWhen I opened the door I was excited. To my surprise, the light was switched of. Suddenly I heard a voice, it was Lucy, my girlfriend: “Hey honey, I have a big surprise for you… Are you curious?”
“Oh yes darling, I can’t wait, go on…” I replied hastily.
“Then turn around and look at your new girl…”, she said while the light switched on.
Full of elation I turned around and I could hardly believe my eyes. “Please tell me you did not do this. Please tell me this is a bad dream…”

“Honey, I thought we could use some fresh ass whipping 051 e1319661661427 Ass whippingbreeze in our relationship, don’t you like it?”

Now I realized she wasn’t joking. This was serious. She cut off her long blond hair, now staring at me with some kind of pageboy hairstyle.
“Are you totally mad?”, I yelled at her. “You look like an idiot, like a school boy! And now I am going to punish you like a big boy. What do you think about a severe ass whipping?”

ass whipping 081 e1319661758423 Ass whippingShe understood that I wasn’t joking. I grabbed her brutally and tied her to my bed frame, which is modern style and looks like chains. I pulled her shirt off. Quickly I scooped a whip from the wall, which was part of my room’s decoration, turned around and WOOOSH!

The first lash hit her on the back and she was to shocked to even scream. I fired several more blows, now she started screaming and berating me, but that only inspired me for more.

“You call me an asshole?”, I asked, “let’s have a look at your ass and get prepared for an asswhipping…”. In the same moment I ass whipping 131 e1319662179434 Ass whippingripped off her skirt. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Obviously she was prepared for something different than an ass whipping. Her tight ass showed up. How I loved this ass. But this wasn’t the time for love. It was whipping time.

With a loud BAAANG the next lash hit her ass. She screamed loud, begging me to stop this madness. But I was just about to begin…

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Whipped Women

introducing a series of pay site reviews, we are going to start out by presenting a review of

whipped women 02 e1319060095193 Whipped Women


Not really a surprise, WhippedWomen focuses solely on one topic: whipped women.
Being more than 9 years in business, the site is one of the leading institutions, when it comes to BDSM style whippings.

WhippedWomen has several key features, which distinguish it from it’s competitors. Let’s have a closer look:


whipped women 092 e1319061292768 Whipped WomenThe models are well chosen. They are young, cute, sexy, they really have everything you could ask for. This is whipped women 072 e1319060725330 Whipped Womencertainly not standard in BDSM business. You see a lot of crappy girls on other sites. Probably because it’s not too easy to get such classy models engaged for a severe whipping, with bruises, welts and what not. But Whipped Women gets the trick done every single week!
Often we had the impression, that the models indulged the punishment, but that’s just our opinion.


whipped women 052 e1319060801213 Whipped WomenOver the years the site developed it’s own standards. First, there are no fakes. Welts are welts, streaks are streaks, bruises are bruises – no painting, no tricks, no fakes. They do an honest work!

Second, they do focus on hard whipping, punishment, caning, some bondage. But no more. whipped women 032 e1319060868758 Whipped WomenThere is no further sexual interaction, like you might see it on other sites. Just severe whippings in quality movies and pictures. They do what they do best and their shootings never merge into a cheap porn. They can do without that!

Also they do a pretty good job by telling a story, in every single whipping scene. No senseless violence, there is always a story to be told.

Needless to say that the content is 100% unique. All productions are self made by either WhippedWomen or by it’s sister site Paingate.


whipped women 062 e1319060951844 Whipped Women


To add even more of a unique whippedwomen-feeling, they pick their shooting locations very well. They had settings in old castles, dungeons, prisons, hospitals, but also in amazing landscapes, like a Mediterranean environment, old country houses, farms, etc. The atmosphere of the works are unmatched.



They have constantly over 100 videos online, each of them documenting a different whipping shooting. Also you get 100+ high quality pictures on each story, which adds up to way more than 10.000 images. They are downloadable in zip-files, so you have easy whipped women 01 e1319061086151 Whipped Womenaccess even after your membership expired. There is at least one weekly update, so always fresh content coming.


The bottom line is, as long as you are looking for good and hard whipping content and not for cheap porn, WhippedWomen and it’s sister are still matchless in the worldwide web. We thought about deducting one point, because the sites design looks a bit rusty, but after all, the content is what counts and you won’t find any better:        10 points!10points Whipped Women

Oh, and here you find whipped women.

The french aupair

my wife and me are both hard working people.  So after all there is not much time left to do the housework and to look after the children – we have three of them by the way.

whipping01 e1318594162829 The french aupairSo we decided to engage someone to help us out. As friends of us had good experience with having an aupair maid, we decided to take the same route. We contacted an internet aupair agency and they sent us 5 possible candidates. After a short discussion, we decided to take a french girl. Her name was Juliette.


Juliette arrived and she was a cute and smart girl. She made friends with the childrens quickly, but she had a major problem, when it came to housework. She whipping05 e1318594331453 The french aupairwas lazy and she seemed to hate it. But instaed of making it quick and using the spare time to look after the chidren (which she seemed to enjoy way more), the work took forever.

One morning while I had breakfast, I told her to clean up the mess and she started with the floor. Actually she was barely dressed and it kind of turned me on. On the other hand, she was working so slowly again. I went over to her and let her know, that she should think of working in a different manner, else I was going to send her back to France.  She said that she was sorry and that she would try to change.

Then she went over to polish the balisters. Her short skirt went up and I could see half of her bare ass. She was not wearing any underwear. That was enough. I hurried up, grabbed the riding crop that my oldest daughter left on the table and went over to Juliette. I lifted the her skirt completely and her round fleshy ass surfaced. It was a gorgeous ass!

WHIPPP! I placed the first lash on her but. She screamed loud. “Sir, what are you doing?”, she asked astonished. “I am teaching you a lesson, you little french bitch. Don’t you use underwear in France?”

“Not at home.”, she answered in a cheeky tone. WHISSSHHH! the next hit was harder and again she screamed out loud. But by the sound of her voice I had the impression she was enjoying what happened, if only for a little bit…

whipping07 e1318594539822 202x300 The french aupair       whipping17 300x200 The french aupair

See the whole story on high quality Video and high-density images here…

Pussy punishment

I am Mariah – now witness my pussy punishment…

My family was pretty rich, which enabled me to visit half of the planet in my early years. And as I always had a passion for art, I went to all the famous Museums worldwide, Paris London, Amsterdam, Munich, Tokyo, New York  I’ve seen them all. Finally this lead to my profession: I am an art dealer.

My marriage is not what it used to be. Everything is routine these days, I miss the fire of the early stages. To compensate for this boredom, I developed new sexual tendencies, but I’ll elaborate later…

My business is an art gallery in downtown. It has two main exhibition rooms, where most masterpieces are presented. Additional there is a secret chamber. And here we cover my current sexual interests again. From time to time I take one of my plenty playmates into my little “paradise”. It’s entrance is hidden by a huge brocade curtain, which can be shifted by pushing a small concealed switch. Yes, I had countless erotic hours with a couple of girls here.

Lately two men came inside, when I just wanted to lock and call it a day. They appeared to be nice and actually they were pretty good looking. They showed interest in two of my most expensive paintings. Should this day be ending with some serious business?

Both gave  a pretty competent impression, they asked for provenience, so I moved to my workplace to get  the relevant documents. As I returned, one of them was missing. And in the same moment, when I started to ask about his destination, someone hit me down from behind, right down to the floor.
“You got trapped by two mean criminals” was my first thought. “They are going to rob everything from you…” I had no idea at this point, that things were to come even worse…

pussy punishment  150x150 Pussy punishmentThe two found my hidden chamber in no time. They must have been observing me and my business for quite a time. Every action looked well planned.
Then I got some hints about what they were going to do to me. pussy punishment 6 150x150 Pussy punishmentThe older guy told me to get undressed. I had to take everything off but my boots. Now he pressed me into my “paradise” room. Meanwhile the younger man must have installed something at the ceiling of the chamber. It was a metal bar, hanging down from the ceiling. I have seen something similar in the circus, like a trapeze. I had to lay down and while the one guy had me under control, the other one tied my feet strongly to the bar. They pulled me up. I was hanging upside down, naked, ready for getting badly abused…

pussy punishment 2 150x150 Pussy punishmentFrom now on everything happened pretty rapidly. One man started to whip  me.. He was like crazy. He took me under whipping fire! He whipped my breast, my belly, my bottom, my thighs… I  fainted.

The next thing I saw, was that one man had a new, different whip in his hand. It was one with an endless number of tails, a flog, intuitively I knew things weren’t going to get better…



pussy punishment 3 150x150 Pussy punishment“Now you are receiving the pussy punishment of your life, get your pussy ready for a load of pain”, he said with a satanic tone in his voice. The first hit was hard and brutal, he hit the target right in the middle. Now I knew what a pussy punishment was. My clit lips swelled immediately and this devil kept hitting right on the clit. Repeatedly he punished my pussy with the whip. It hurt indescribably, cutting into my lips of vulva. I’m going to stop describing the pain, I have no words…pussy punishment 4 150x150 Pussy punishment

I remember thinking of what could have caused this pussy punishment. Did I take one of their girlfriends to my “paradise”? Who knows? But after all, whatever I did, this pussy punishment was too much, I did not deserve that.

When everything was over and the gangsters where gone, I detected the complete punishment was recorded by my security cameras. They were caught two days after. But somehow the sensible video found it’s way to the Internet.

My pussy punishment is on tape and you can go here to watch it.

I am sure, you will enjoy it more than I did,


Whipping drawing

to keep this blog a bit diversified, I thought I’d come up with something different today. I found a nice little whipping drawing, author is unknown, but still I want to present here:

whipping drawing 238x300 Whipping drawing

So the naked girl is tied to some tiny BDSM bench and the punisher seems a bit indetermined. He is wearing a turban. Is he a maharajah? Could well be…

See you soon with something hotter, I promise icon wink Whipping drawing

Pussy Whipping

EDIT: this was our first try – go here for a free illustrated real pussy whipping story.

what a scene: a blonde, suspended upside down. Her arms tied on her back. Helpless she is receiving an extra brutal singletail pussy whipping.

onhmr6vw 228x300 Pussy Whipping

What a pain she must feel, being exposed and abused by her punisher.

If you want to observe more pussy whipping, look at this free blog for excellent images.

Hardcore whipping

today I am going to post another picture of hardcore whipping.

It shows a tatooed girl with breast piercings getting a severe whipping:

06 210x300 Hardcore whipping

Look at her face, is that real pain?  or is she acting?

My guess is she asks for more, doesn’t she?

Stay tuned, more to come soon at the


Breast whipping

and here is a picture of a redhead getting a breast whipping.

She is getting severely breast whipped. Look at the red stripes, quite a punishment so far…

09a 217x300 Breast whipping

Is she meditating? Kind of looks like to me…

I am a big fan of redheads, so I just felt of bringing this one to you guys…

More to come soon, so keep us bookmarked!

BDSM whipping

in this I’ll be trying to put some content on BDSM and I want to specialize in bdsm whipping. Whipping girls to be exact.

So as a starter I thought I would post a piccture, showing two beautiful girls whipping each other in BDSM manner:

fdgfd 300x187 BDSM whipping

This is some intense lesbian action, right?

Next entry will bring a real cutie getting whipped so stay tuned…